2022 Best of Alexandria HoF Award

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Our Team


    Operations Manager
    Donnell has worked with J&J since 2009. He started as a crew foreman and worked his way up to operations manager in 2012. He is the first person many of our new customers meet when they call to schedule new service and he continues to work with each customer throughout the job. From beginning to end, Donnell is there for our customers. His outgoing personality and enthusiasm along with his welcoming smile are the perfect addition to our team.

    Operations Manager
    Tony has worked for J&J since 2003. He has held virtually every position within the operations side of the company since then and is now one of our managers. He is familiar with all aspects of residential and commercial landscape management and ensures that our crews are properly trained and equipped to provide the highest quality of work to our customers.

    Office Manager
    Heather came to J&J in 2018 and serves as our office manager. She has years of office management experience and she has put that experience to good use implementing new office policies and procedures to help us become more efficient and responsive to customer needs. Her many responsibilities include customer inquires, appointment scheduling, and account billing. Heather is always willing to go the extra mile and was an instant asset at J&J.

    Fleet and Equipment Manager
    Walter has been a member of the J&J team since 2005. He has over 30 years of vehicle and equipment maintenance experience. He is in charge of our daily truck and equipment operations and plays a vital roll in winter snow removal operations.

    Onsite Project Manager
    Wilfredo has worked with J&J since 2004. He has been a crew foreman and currently serves as an onsite project manager for one of our federal contracts. He is always willing to go the extra mile and put in the time needed to be sure our customer's needs are met. He is the ultimate team player.

    Onsite Project Manager
    Manlio has been with J&J since 2011. He became an instant asset and was promoted to project manager in 2013. He manages one of our federal maintenance contracts and ensures that his site is always looking its best. His attention to detail is unmatched and he is trusted with maintaining one of our most visible public sites.

    Onsite Project Manager
    Melvin has been with J&J since 2012 and currently is the onsite project manager for one of our largest federal contracts, overseeing a crew of 12 team members. He works daily with government personnel to ensure the smooth operation of our daily work flow. His work and the work of our entire team is often behind the scenes, but it is appreciated by all who visit this site.

    Onsite Project Manager
    Edwin has been with J&J since 2007 and is currently the onsite project manager for one of our large maintenance accounts. His daily presence keeps the site beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall and safe in the winter. This is a 'zero tolerance' snow removal site that requires lots of attention during winter weather. We all appreciate everything that Edwin does.

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