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Frequently Asked Questions 

What areas do you service?

Our residential and commercial landscaping crews service Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Springfield, Annandale, and surronding areas of Northern Virginia. Find our full list of service areas below.

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How does your billing cycle work?

Our residential maintenance customers are sent a fixed monthly invoice 8 times a year, from April through November. After calculating the total annual cost for maintenance, the bill is evenly spaced out over 8 payments. Invoices are sent out the month before they are due.

How often can I expect service?

Our standard residential maintenance program consists of visits every 7-10 days. During this visit, your lawn will be mowed, trimmed, and edged. All patios, decks, sidewalks, and driveways will be blown off on each visit as well. If you sign up for fertilization and weed control, you can expect our crews for 5 additional visits. During the spring, we will make two visits to control weeds in the turf, and then 3 visits in the fall, providing aeration/over-seeding, as well as 3 applications of fertilizer. An additional visit for spot spraying weeds during the summer will be made, if needed. Please remember that all of the work we do is weather dependant. We always do our best to stay on schedule, but sometimes delays do occur.

Do your crews bag grass clippings?

Typically, we do not bag grass clippings. When grass clippings are returned to the turf, the nutrients contained in the clippings are returned back to the turf as well. Removing clippings removes these nutrients from the site. In cases of extremely heavy, tall, or clumping grass, our crews may bag clippings. In these cases, bags may be left curbside at each site.

Can I have my property serviced on a certain day of the week?

Unfortunately, due to scheduling and weather delays, we cannot promise to be at your property on a certain day. However, if you have a special event planned, please contact our office at least 3 days in advance, and we will make sure we get there.

I have some other pruning and mulching that needs to be done. Can your mowing crew do that while they are at my property?

No, we have a strict schedule that must be followed in order to service all of our clients. However, we are more than happy to provide you with estimates for any other landscape work you may need. Once this work is approved, a separate crew will be sent out.

How do I renew for next season?

All of our residential maintenance agreements now will renew automatically each year, unless cancelled by the customer or J&J. Customer may cancel the agreement with 30 days written notice. The maximum annual increase is 3%.

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