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Tree and Shrub Watering Tips

tree and shrub watering tipsEstablished trees and shrubs in the landscape should be drought tolerant on their own, except during extremely dry periods. If you notice any wilting or the tips of any plants start to turn brown, they need more water. Try to follow the same approach as shown above, that is providing about an inch of water per week to the trees and shrubs. Early morning watering is best.

-Any tree or shrub planted less that 12 months ago will be more susceptible to dry conditions and should be monitored for drought stress. These plants will need more water than the more established plant material. Try to give them at least an inch of water a week, spread out between 2 or 3 watering cycles.

Sod Watering Tips

sod watering tipsIt is critical that newly installed sod gets the proper amount water.  The number one reason why a sod installation is not successful is lack of water. New sod should be watered every 2 days, ensuring that the soil under the sod gets water.  This will encourage proper deep root growth.  During the very hot and dry summer months, this watering should be increased to every day, always in the morning.  After the sod takes root, after about 2 or 3 weeks, the watering can be reduced to 2 or 3 times a week, providing an inch of water per week.  Monitor your new sod closely for the first year until the root system has fully developed.



Annual Bed Watering Tips

annual bed watering tipsAnnuals present the greatest challenge during periods of drought. The very nature of their growing season means that they do not have an established root system to survive without adequate rain fall. Annuals should be watered every other day throughout the summer in order to thrive and consistently bloom. Again, aim for about an inch of water a week. A good annual fertilizer will also help them reach full potential. A properly irrigated and fertilized annual bed will really make your property look good.

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