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Lawn Mowing Service

J&J Landscape Management, Inc. is a landscape contracting company based in Alexandria, Virginia that offers residential mowing services throughout the Northern Virginia area. Let our experienced team of lawn care professionals show you what we are capable of.  

On each lawn mowing visit, our crew provides:

  • Proper Mowing - All lawn areas will be mowed on a 7-10 day schedule to encourage healthy growth, limit weed establishment, and reduce the risk of insect and disease problems. Mowing patterns will be changed every visit so rutting does not occur.
  • Trimming - Our crews will trim turf around landscape beds, fences, trees, utilities, your home foundation, and any other obstructions with special care.
  • Edging - All sidewalks, driveways, and curbs will also be edged on each visit for a professional and clean look.
  • Cleanup - Upon completion of the above tasks, our crews will blow off all hard surfaces including your sidewalks, driveway, patios, and decks.

Why is Proper Mowing Important?

Proper Mowing is important because your turf in Virginia needs to be mowed frequently during the growing season to encourage healthy growth. Your turf areas are probably a huge part of your landscape, so proper care is essential. 

611b452d-071d-4075-a93c-c9da2f4b9ccd-1How Often Should Lawns be Mowed?

Lawns should be mowed on a 7-10 day cycle, beginning in April and continuing through November. When we mow your property on this schedule, no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is ever removed at one time. This follows the guidelines recommended by Virginia Tech for proper turf grass management. 

Will a Dull Mower Blade Harm Turf?

Yes, dull mower blades will harm turf as it will tear the turf instead of cutting it clean, resulting in a rough appearance and leaving your lawn more susceptible to disease. J&J sharpens the blades of our mowers every day to ensure a clean cut to keep your turf healthy.


What is the Ideal Height to Cut Grass?

The ideal height to mow turf grass in Virginia  is 3 inches, all of our equipment is set at this height. Again, this is recommended by Virginia Tech for turf grass species in our area. Cutting grass properly  encourages strong root growth, protects against drought stress, and shades out any potential weeds to keep them from getting a foothold.

Should I Bag my Grass Clippings?

 No, you should not bag your grass clippings. The best thing to do with your grass clippings is to properly return them to the turf. When your lawn is mowed at the proper intervals by a professional landscape maintenance company such as J&J, no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is cut at any time. These clippings should be returned to the turf for maximum benefit. The clippings contain moisture and nutrients and are the perfect organic fertilizer to help strengthen your turf.  Why would you want to remove this great source of lawn nutrition? Of course, any grass clumps will be removed as needed, but returning the clippings to the turf provides huge benefits over bagging and removing. Additionally, all hard surfaces will be blown clean on each mowing visit.

Why Hire J&J Landscape Management, Inc.?

J&J’s professional and friendly team has decades of experience properly mowing and maintaining residential landscapes in Northern Virginia. Our in house mechanics keep our mowers in top condition and each mowing crew is outfitted with the properly sized mowers for your site. From large area estates to small townhouse lawns, we have the proper mower for the job.

As a well established mowing company in the Northern Virginia area comprised of skilled lawn care technicians, we specialize in maintaining beautiful, healthy turf. Contact us today for a free mowing service estimate for your home in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, or the surrounding area. Don't forget to ask about our fertilization and weed control program as well!

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