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Mulching Services

Your landscape will never look better than it does with proper edging and mulching, and your trees, shrubs, and bedding plants will benefit from this routine service as well. Fresh and properly installed mulch not only looks good, but it helps with moisture retention, weed control, temperature control, and the introduction of organic material to your landscape beds.

J&J uses only grade 'A' shredded hardwood mulch or Karbon leaf mulch. We never used dyed or artificial mulch products. Our mulch provides lasting coverage and a natural dark brown appearance that lasts for months. This mulch is also weed seed free, which can be a major concern when using lesser products or free mulch given away by your city or county.

Before any mulch is applied to your landscape beds, our professional crews will remove any existing weeds and any debris. Then a deep dug edge will be established to define your bed areas from adjacent turf areas. Finally, our grade 'A' mulch is installed to the proper depth of 2-3". Over mulching or mulching too close to trees and other plant material can cause problems, so it's important that the mulch is installed correctly. We promise to install your mulch properly so that you and your landscape enjoy all the benefits it provides.

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